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Just do it. Don’t hesitate. Hire Laura.

My husband hadn’t even heard the word doula until a couple weeks before I was due. I got Laura’s name from a friend who attended her Bradley Birthing classes and raved about her. Based off their recommendation we decided to see what a doula and Laura was all about.

From the moment we met her, she was calm, gentle, strong, and knowledgeable. After meeting with her and discussing it, my husband and I both decided she was someone we wanted in our corner.

She was responsive when I texted and e-mailed her questions. She supported our birth plan. On the day I went into labor she came over to our home to support and encourage us. She brought her Mary Poppins bag full of helpful items and tricks. It was a HUGE blessing to have her by our side. I wanted to labor at home as long as I could, as I knew it would be the most relaxing and comforting place for me. I didn’t want to head to the hospital too early since I heard that labor can stall, plus I didn’t want to be told to go back home. But I didn’t want a car baby either. Laura kept an eye on my progress and we arrived at the hospital at the perfect time for us.

It wasn’t one big thing, it was a 100 little things she did for us: suggesting to change positions, giving me water, holding my leg up when it was time to push, massaging my back, giving my husband a short break, taking photos of us, making us a sandwich after birth, and helping me breastfeed the first two times. There are 92 more things she did for us before, during, and after birth, too many to list. Having her there was like having a mom, nurse, guardian angel, encourager, and supporter all wrapped into one person!  Hiring Laura was a last minute decision, literally days before our baby was born, but one we’ve never regretted. Even though my husband did an exceptional job supporting me, and now we’ve both been through the process once, I already asked my husband to make sure we have money in the budget to hire her again if we have another baby. I don’t want to birth a baby without her by our side. 

~ The Rixon Family (#2 coming September 2020)

Steve & Gina

I am so grateful to Laura & her training! My husband ended up being a better coach thanI had ever imagined...and I'm pretty sure Laura's class had a lot to do with it. Being pregnant with my first, I really wanted to take a class...mostly because I wanted my husband to be more involved in my pregnancy & labor. Laura came highly recommended to us by a friend. My husband was skeptical at first, but Laura was such a great instructor. She kept the class interesting & made sure everyone got to participate. We both learned a lot about The Bradley Method & really appreciated Laura's insights into pregnancy & birth, & were informed about what to expect during labor & delivery in various situations.



Laura would wave valor essential oil in front of me during contractions and give me a cool wash cloth with lemon essential oil on it which was so helpful. We had worship music going and I would focus on it in between contractions. The whole atmosphere was positive and I felt very supported and encouraged. 

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You were a great support to me Laura - I really think without you, I may have crumbled. I distinctly remember a few moments where I was thinking I was overwhelmed and then looking at your face while I held your arms and lunged and thinking now I can do this - just a bit longer…

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