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Bradley Method Classes

& Doula Services

Education & Support

It is a winning combination! These classes are designed to inspire you to learn, grow, and become skilled in nature's birth process, encouragement at the end of your pregnancy & family support for labor & breastfeeding.

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Laura Meyer RN,BSN Bradley Childbirth Educator & Doula

Family Testimonials



"Laura was my doula for both of my children’s births. We also took her class during my first pregnancy. I felt educated and prepared for natural birth because of Laura’s class and amazing teaching skills. I learned so much!

I truly believe without her class and having Laura by my side I would not have been able to stick with my birth plan of a drug free labor and birth. I’m so grateful for her for everything she did for me. I had a very hard first labor and didn’t think I could make it another minute without an epidural. Laura was right next to me through every step of the way and guided me to stick with my plan of no drugs and I was so thankful she did. My second labor was better, but still very challenging. Again, with Laura by my side I was able to have another successful natural birth. I highly recommend having Laura has your doula and taking her class. She is worth her weight in gold and I will always be so grateful to her! I had two incredible births because of her that I will always hold in my heart.


"I would absolutely recommend having a Doula to another expecting father. I was able to free up all my attention to my wife and give her as much support as I could provide, knowing that our Doula would intercede with the doctor and nurses on our behalf, knowing what we were wanting to do in terms of the use of drugs or pain relief. Laura was exceptionally helpful encouraging my wife and having her help with instructing more comfortable positions was so great.To be honest I didn't think too much about the cost of the Doula, but after having our experience with her I would absolutely have no problem sending what we did, her presence at the birth and follow up is worth every penny."


This beautiful woman has held my hand and been a strong and calm presence through my toughest moments of birthing Asher and Aribella. I am so thankful for her love and support! God's grace and mercy shines so bright through her! If anyone is looking for birth support through pregnancy, labor and beyond, look no further.

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